• seamless banner of London's skyline, hand drawn and digitally colored ink illustration
  • A close up of the original entrance to what was the Whitechapel Bell Foundry
  • Scan of 1746 London map by John Rocque.More maps:
  • Tower bridge and Big Ben, London. Sketch collection
  • Vector Greater London administrative map

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  • * the “Olympic Park” – Stratford-London E20

  • It’s fair to say that, because of the Covid19 restrictions throughout the past 12 months, London Shoes hasn’t always been able to keep up its usual strike-rate of undertaking and publishing 1 new blog per week, as it has done since Feb 2017 – however, with the forthcoming potential relaxation of Covid restrictions throughout this

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  • *all about the:- “Romford Greyhound Stadium”

  • This week’s London Shoes blog activity saw Shoes’ continuing to adhere to the Government’s Covid19 non-essential travel directive, by selecting a ‘local’ subject matter, that is within walking distance of my home-base. The topic in question is all about a place where I have spent many a brilliant night out over the years, and it

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