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  • The ‘Link Boys’ & ‘Snuffers’ of old London town!!

  •   This week’s blog for publication onto the ‘London Shoes’ website, in some ways falls into the category of ‘quirky’ – however, historically, the topic provides today’s world with a remarkable insight into an aspect of every day London life well over 200 years ago. This week’s blog is all about the “Link Boys &

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  • The ‘Fake Houses’ of Leinster Gardens, Bayswater-W2

  •   This week’s venture out for the London Shoes website posting, was short & sweet, but one that provides a typical example of the more unusual and quirky historic landmarks scattered across this metropolis. The subject matter is all about the “fake houses” of Leinster Gardens, Bayswater W2 – and an interesting little topic it

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