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  • *A “Boxing Day” out-(but nothing to do with Christmas)

  • A slight deviation of subject matter this week saw ‘London Shoes’ venture into the sporting world, to focus on the topic of ‘Boxing’. This particular blog started life as being just about famous ‘east-end’ boxing legends – but as my research on the topic progressed, I expanded the subject matter to include some of the

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  • *The quirky “Thames Tide Recorder” & a beer in “The Two Chairman”

  • There are many categories listed within the London Shoes website, all of which  accommodate the many different aspects of the more ‘unusual’ stuff that London Shoes blogs. One such ‘Shoes’ category is entitled ‘Quirky’ and contains all the ‘off-the-wall’ and away from the ‘norm’ topics, published. The subject matter for this week’s venture down to the ‘Smoke’,

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  • *the epitome of being “Up to your ears in work”

  • Saw this ‘quirky’ one the other day whilst visiting Kensington Palace, and it made me larf 😆 Have you ever felt like your job is getting on top of you – you’re surrounded by ‘work’ and cant see a way out of it – then spare a thought for this poor fella 😂 In the

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