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  • The unique “Shell Huts” of Victoria SW1

  • The great thing about London, and like most cities – is that it’s not just the ‘big’ stuff in terms of history, that is interesting – there are so many ‘quirky’ landmarks scattered across the metropolis, that people probably take no notice of, or don’t even know are there – and last week I stumbled

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  • “Zeppelins” – & the first ever aerial attacks on London – 1915

  •   The topic for publication on the London Shoes website this week, is an unusual one, as it focusses on a series of events of a particular time in London’s history, that are probably overshadowed by similar events that occurred some 25 years later. London’s war time history always, and quite understandably, references the ‘Blitz’

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  • All aboard the “Epping-Ongar Heritage Railway”

  •   Today, Epping Station is the last stop on the eastbound section of the TfL Central Line tube, but years ago there was a branch line that went on to North Weald-Blake Hall and then Ongar stations. Back in the early days of steam rail travel, the Great Eastern Railway operated a network of lines

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