• seamless banner of London's skyline, hand drawn and digitally colored ink illustration
  • A close up of the original entrance to what was the Whitechapel Bell Foundry
  • Scan of 1746 London map by John Rocque.More maps:
  • Tower bridge and Big Ben, London. Sketch collection
  • Vector Greater London administrative map

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  • *The “Huguenots of Spitalfields”

  • This week’s blog highlights a lesser known historic fact about London, regarding the ‘immigration’ of refugees/migrants/asylum seekers into the capital. Now – most of us are fully aware of the arrival and mass integration of various nationalities and cultures throughout the past couple of centuries – where London itself, and particularly the ‘east-end’, has witnessed

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  • *London’s very first “Pavements & Kerbs”

  • The whole essence of London Shoes is to track down and highlight some of the more unusual and lesser known aspects of London’s wonderful history – and this week’s subject matter certainly falls into the ‘lesser known’ category. Near the top of ‘Whitehall’, just a 100yrds or so from Nelson’s Column – there is a

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