• seamless banner of London's skyline, hand drawn and digitally colored ink illustration
  • A close up of the original entrance to what was the Whitechapel Bell Foundry
  • Scan of 1746 London map by John Rocque.More maps:
  • Tower bridge and Big Ben, London. Sketch collection
  • Vector Greater London administrative map

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  • * The “Romford Brewery”-its history & legacy

  • Because of the Covid19 virus lockdown situation, London Shoes has obviously had to temporarily suspend the weekly jaunts out to the big ‘Smoke’. Fortunately, during this current ‘lockdown’ period, ‘Shoes’ has still been able to post regular articles to its Website-Facebook & Twitter portals, by utilising material that had been collated but had not yet

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  • London’s “Ghost Signs” – Part 2

  • During these strange Covid19 lockdown times, London Shoes has clearly had to curtail its weekly jaunts out to the ‘Smoke’ for obvious reasons. Fortunately ‘Shoes’ has still been able to continue posting material regularly on to its website–facebook & twitter portals, by utilising material in storage, but not yet published. This specific article is a

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  • *London’s “Lost Music Venues” – Part 2

  • During these strange lockdown, stay at home, social distancing times, London Shoes is still able to continue publishing its popular weekly blogs – by simple recourse to unpublished material held in its vaults, stored there specifically for rainy-day situations. So-this week’s blog represents Part 2 on the topic of “London’s – Lost Music Venues”. First

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