• seamless banner of London's skyline, hand drawn and digitally colored ink illustration
  • A close up of the original entrance to what was the Whitechapel Bell Foundry
  • Scan of 1746 London map by John Rocque.More maps:
  • Tower bridge and Big Ben, London. Sketch collection
  • Vector Greater London administrative map

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  • *all about London’s magnificent “Albert Bridge”

  • Amazingly there are a total of 35 bridges that span the River Thames between Tower Bridge & Hampton Court – my personal favourite is Hammersmith Bridge, which has featured quite a lot in the local London news lately, because it’s falling apart and being viewed as potentially unsafe. My 2nd favourite bridge is the Albert

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  • *London’s “Most Used & Least Used Stations”

  • For this week’s activity, my London Shoes took advantage of a glorious day of weather, and with my 60+Oyster-Free Travel Card in my hand, I travelled across the ‘Smoke’ to track down:- London’s ‘Most Used’ & ‘Least Used’ Stations – and this is the result >Roding Valley: London Underground’s quietest, least used tube station is

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